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Ryan Reynolds opens up on his daughter's favorite Michael J Fox movie! Fri April 19th, 2024
Ryan Reynolds opens up on his daughter's favorite Michael J Fox movie!
Actor Ryan Reynolds penned a tribute to retired actor turned activist Michael J. Fox as the latter was inducted in the 2024 TIME100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The Deadpool star authored a blurb for Fox in the list, where he acknowledged the impact of Fox’s work on the younger generation, including his own children. 
Reynolds disclosed that he and his wife Blake Lively's eight-year-old daughter James watched the 1985 smash film Back to the Future on Fox last year. James has come to love the movie, and Reynolds thinks that should be sufficient. "One more kid from one more generation sees what I saw," he stated. 
"She still has no idea that I know him. I don't need to teach my daughter the level of compassion Mike has mastered. Or teach her to tell stories the way Mike tells stories. I need to teach her that it's OK to fall a lot. It's the absolute best way to know you're flying," The actor continued in the statement, acknowledging that he considers himself fortunate to have Fox as a friend.
Additionally, Reynolds expressed his gratitude for Fox on Instagram, calling him charming, kind, charming, and incredibly intelligent.


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