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House Of Usher actor Mark Damon's sad demise at 91! Tue May 14th, 2024
House Of Usher actor Mark Damon's sad demise at 91!
House Of Usher actor Mark Damon, 91, died in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 12, after a long battle with illness. He was best remembered for his role in the Vincent Price horror classic House of Usher.
The experienced Western actor passed away from natural causes, according to his daughter and wife. He had a successful two-decade acting career before moving into international sales, film distribution, and production. This is a retrospective of his life and work.
Throughout his decades-long career in the film industry, Damon, according to his IMDb profile, produced about fifty feature films. Among his most notable producing credits are Adrian Lyne's Nine and a Half (1986), John Badham's Short Circuit (1986), Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys (1987), The Jungle Book (1994), A Dog of Flanders (1999), Baltasar Kormákur's Two Guns (2013), Peter Berg's Lone Survivor (2013), and a host of other films.
In 2003, Damon produced Monster, a biography about Patty Jenkins that won Charlize Theron the Academy Award for Best Actress.
Regarding his acting career, Damon acted in films such as The Shortest Day (1963) directed by Sergio Corbucci, Black Sabbath (1963) by Mario Bava, The Son of Cleopatra (1964), Ring and His Golden Pistol (1966), Johnny Yuma (1966), The Young, the Evil and the Savage (1968), Crypt of the Living Dead (1973), and many others after relocating to Italy at the age of 28.


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