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A.R. Rahman desires to work with Taylor Swift! Wed April 17th, 2024
A.R. Rahman desires to work with Taylor Swift!
One Indian music industry jewel that consistently brings pride to the nation on a global scale is A.R. Rahman. In addition to earning numerous National Film Awards, the singer and composer is also the proud owner of prizes from esteemed international competitions such as the Academy, Grammy, and BAFTA awards. His thoughts on collaborating with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift were revealed in a recent interview.
Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman stated in a media interview that Taylor Swift isn't concerned with the genre. When questioned about whether he is excited to work with the global celebrity, he responded, “Whatever she wants! If she wants a dance number, it will be a dance number, if she wants a romantic number, it will be a romantic number. She writes the lyrics anyway,” he exclaimed.
One of the best-selling musicians in the world, Swift, made history lately when she became the first musician to reach the $1 billion mark. Rahman offered his thoughts on the matter, stating that musicians worldwide find inspiration in the Love Story vocalist. He revealed, “If people take the power of music to do good things, it is great. Michael Jackson had the power to do that. He did a lot of charity concerts and did philanthropy work in Africa. It is nice to see Taylor attaining that. She has gone through so much. She got cheated and made a comeback. She is a good case study and inspiration for musicians,” the Indian singer opined.


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