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Vicky Kaushal reveals Sunny Kaushal's 'gutter' mishap! Thu April 18th, 2024
Vicky Kaushal reveals Sunny Kaushal's 'gutter' mishap!
On Netflix's Kapil Sharma's The Great Indian Kapil Show, Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal are anticipated to provide a hilarious performance. A peek of their funny childhood memories, which are guaranteed to have audiences in stitches, can be seen in the teaser.
Prepare yourselves for a hilarious episode of Kapil Sharma's Netflix series The Great Indian Kapil Show, featuring Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal. The OTT platform released a teaser clip for the upcoming episode on Wednesday, teasing an exciting ride. This episode will have you in stitches, from memories of their parents' insistence on having a dance performance when guests arrived to Vicky sharing a humorous incident involving Sunny and the gutter.
On the program, the brothers will share memories of their early years, and Vicky Kaushal will share some humorous anecdotes. He recalls how, occasionally, when they went for walks with their father Sham Kaushal, they would discover Sunny Kaushal in a manhole or gutter.
Vicky also talks of a similar incident from their middle-class background, in which their parents would always insist that they put on a dancing performance for visitors.


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