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Virat Kohli opens up on the importance of Anushka Sharma in his life! Tue October 31st, 2023
Virat Kohli opens up on the importance of Anushka Sharma in his life!
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's public displays of affection and gratitude for one another have continuously raised the bar for their relationship. Reflecting on his role as an icon and the responsibility that comes with it, Virat recently said that meeting Anushka changed him as a person and his viewpoint.
In a tabloid interview, Virat Kohli talked on his obligation to use his platform as a public figure to advocate for causes that are important to him, especially the need to respect women. He revealed that meeting Anushka Sharma altered his perspective and that he wasn't the same person he was in his mid-20s.
Particularly when they have their own foundation, Virat stressed the value of recognizing and appreciating one's life partner's uniqueness, character, and identity. He shared, “When they have a standing of their own, you have to accept it and process it into your system, which is something we didn't grow up with.”
Virat shared, “It forced me to open up my horizon of thinking.” He expressed that this pushed him to consider that life can be lived in many different ways. The cricketer revealed that engaging in conversations with Anushka allowed him to understand what goes on in a woman's head and how they perceive the world. This process led him to look at things from their perspective.
Virat emphasized how meeting someone who could clarify particular viewpoints for him had a profoundly transformational effect.


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