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Priyanka Chopra surprises co-star Idris Elba with a surprise gift! Thu May 09th, 2024
Priyanka Chopra surprises co-star Idris Elba with a surprise gift!
Heads of State, Priyanka Chopra's next film, is getting ready for release. She co-stars with John Cena and Idris Elba in this action comedy. Recently, as the movie's filming came to an end, the actress sent Idris Elba a thoughtful gift.
Idris Elba recently shared a photo of a gift that Priyanka Chopra had given him on Instagram stories. He used thank-you emojis to tag Priyanka's account.
The picture shows a gift wrapped in gold and ivory paper with an envelope addressed to him. Fans are interested to see what the actress wrote for Idris in her handwritten message, which is prominently displayed on the envelope.
The Dostana actress had earlier shared a wrap-up reel post for Heads of State on Instagram. The film featured a collection of her set experiences as well as some memorable times spent with Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, her kid with Nick Jonas.
In the caption, she wrote, “And it’s a wrap.. it’s been a year.. well, a lot happened but here we are. Tonight I wrapped on a set that was always so full of laughter and professionalism. That rare combination doesn’t happen always.. This movie was a breeze because the cast and crew came prepared with their A game, everyday. It’s been an honour to work with some legends in our business on this one. Hope y’all have as much fun watching it as we did making it. Heads of state will be on @primevideo.. when u ask me? Above my pay grade. lol. Gratitude.”
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