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Neena Gupta slams those who troll her for speaking Hindi! Fri May 12th, 2023
Neena Gupta slams those who troll her for speaking Hindi!
Neena Gupta, an experienced actress, is highly active on social media. She frequently posts videos on Instagram in which she expresses her opinions and engages with her followers. On Instagram alone, she has over 1.1 million followers, and she routinely shares insights into her daily life with them. Neena Gupta uploaded a video on Wednesday in which she corrected anyone who disparagingly refers to her as a "Hindi medium" or a "TV actor."
In the video she posted, Neena Gupta can be seen relaxing on a bench in a grass with a beautiful mountain backdrop. She can be heard mentioning that she had been wanting to say something for some days in the video. She claimed that phrases like "TV actor" and "Hindi medium" are frequently used in a disparaging manner in India. She continued by saying that some individuals make fun of other people who eat with their hands rather than a knife and fork. “Humaare desh mein na kuch terms hoti hai, jaise 'arey yeh toh TV actor hai'. Ek term hota hai 'yeh toh Hindi-medium hai', aur ek term hoti hai 'Arrey haath se kha rahi hai, chee! Chhuri-kaate se nahi kha rahi hai, told Neena Gupta.
She added that since Hindi is her native tongue and she speaks it effectively, many people refer to her as being "Hindi medium." She continued by urging her followers not to feel bad for speaking Hindi. She further said, "I am proud to be 'Hindi-medium'. I am proud to eat and dress up the way I want to. And I am proud to be called a TV actor. Hum kayi baar gussa ho jaate hai ki hume 'Hindi-medium' kaha, ya apne aap ko neecha samajhne lag jate hai. Nahi samajhna. I am proud to be what I am, if I feel from inside that I am doing the right thing. Am I right?" Sharing the video, Neena Gupta wrote in the caption, “Khabardar Hindi medium bola toh.”


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