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Karan Singh Grover talks about daughter Devi's heart ailment! Tue February 06th, 2024
Karan Singh Grover talks about daughter Devi's heart ailment!
Actress Bipasha Basu's husband Karan Singh Grover is a devoted parent to their daughter Devi as well as a loving spouse. The actor talked candidly about the difficult period he went through after Devi's heart ailment was discovered and treated in an interview.
On April 30, 2016, Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu tied the knot. On November 12, 2022, they welcomed Devi Basu Singh Grover into the world. The couple was ecstatic to welcome their daughter, but they were also shocked to find that Devi needed open heart surgery because she was born with two holes in her heart.
Speaking about the difficult period, the Fighter actor said to a daily that he received the disheartening news while filming the movie. Because it was so important and tough to be away from, he felt like skipping work at the start of each schedule. “Also, I did not handle it very well. I was like water on the floor. I think it's because of Bipasha that I got the strength to kind of go through that and still be here. I really felt like, for me, death would be easier than going through that,” he disclosed.
Karan further revealed, “At one point, I remember when we were at the hospital, and we were supposed to give Devi to the doctors, I just couldn't. I was like, ‘no’. It felt like I didn't have any hands or legs or feet or face,” he revealed adding that his wife Bipasha is a ‘lioness’. “She's a super strong person, but then as soon as she became a mother, she was a freaking God. She is something else. Also, thanks to all the surgeons,” he revealed.
Bipasha Basu had already discussed her child's illness with Neha Dhupia during a live Instagram discussion. A tearful Bipasha explained that their path was not like any other mother-father pair. “I got to know on the third day of me having a baby that our baby is born with two holes in her heart. I thought I’ll not share this, but I’m sharing this because I feel that there are a lot of mothers, who helped me in this journey, and it was very difficult to find those mothers.”
She further revealed, “We went through a crazy period. We didn’t discuss this with our family, we both were in a little bit of a blur. We wanted to celebrate but we were a little numb, me and Karan. The first five months have been very difficult for us. But Devi has been fabulous from day one. We were told that every month, we have to do a scan to know if it’s healing on its own. But the kind of large hole that she had, we were told that it was doubtful, you will have to go through surgery. And the surgery is best done, when the child is three-months-old.”


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