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Jackie Shroff brings back Lord Ram's idol from Ayodhya as a memento! Tue January 23rd, 2024
Jackie Shroff brings back Lord Ram's idol from Ayodhya as a memento!
On January 22, 2024, the nation watched the much-anticipated grand consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, making it a historic day. The participation of many Indian celebrities, including well-known Bollywood actors, enhanced the occasion. One prominent figure among them, Jackie Shroff, made a big impression by showing up barefoot to the ceremony and back, a move that demonstrates his genuine devotion to the occasion's spiritual significance and strong respect for it.
Jackie Shroff returned to Mumbai with fond memories of his attendance at the Ram Mandir's inauguration ceremony in Ayodhya, along with an icon of Lord Ram that he had treasured. Shroff had gone to the event and come back barefoot, according to Vivek Oberoi, who also experienced it. The two performers then grinned and mouthed the Sri Ram mantra as they posed for the cameras.
Jackie Shroff made a kind gesture that the paparazzi in Mumbai happened to photograph recently. The shutterbugs posted a video of the actor in action as they cleaned the stairs of the Mumbai shrine dedicated to Lord Ram. Shroff was spotted collecting trash with great attention to detail and devoting himself fully to the work of cleaning the temple grounds.
Surprisingly, a number of MPs and celebrities enthusiastically participated in the cleaning campaign at temples throughout India in the run-up to the consecration ceremony of the Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's request.


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