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Nitanshi Goel opens up on her parents' selfless love for her and her passion! Wed June 12th, 2024
Nitanshi Goel opens up on her parents' selfless love for her and her passion!
Even after we've seen Laapataa Ladies a gazillion times, Kiran Rao's most recent film still seems like home. All of the performers that starred in the film had a boost in their careers, but Nitanshi Goel is particularly well-known. Many were undoubtedly taken aback to learn that their "Phool Kumari" is only 16 years old. In a recent interview, the actress talked about the sacrifices her parents made to support her acting career.
During a recent interview, the actress was asked by a media source if, as a famous person, she still feels like a teenager and may experience typical teenage emotions like crushes. Without pausing, Nitanshi answered, declaring without hesitation that her parents' love was greater than anything and revealing the enormous mountains they had to climb in order to be there for her.
Nitanshi acknowledges that her parents gave up their separate life to become her parents because she believes that no one can love someone more selflessly than them. She explained in detail, “I just wanted to act and be on TV, and with just that little thought, my father left his business in Noida and he’s here doing a job. My mom left her government job and she’s here for me. All of this was just because I wanted to be an actor.”
Nitanshi described it as pure love and stated that one shouldn't settle for anything less than what they have, adding that she currently has no crushes. The lads are paying her more attention, don't they? In response, Goel exclaimed, "Oh Sajni Re toh bohot chal raha hai!" For those who don't know, O Sajni is a song from Nitanshi's movie that Arijit Singh sings and is currently quite popular.
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