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Nitesh Tiwari to reveal the release date of Ranbir Kapoor starrer Ramayana! Mon March 04th, 2024
Nitesh Tiwari to reveal the release date of Ranbir Kapoor starrer Ramayana!
According to recent rumours, the announcement of the much-awaited epic epic Ramayana, which is based on the narrative that is an essential aspect of Indian mythology, is scheduled for the first half of 2024. It appears that on April 17, 2024, the day of Ram Navami, director Nitesh Tiwari will finally put an end to rumours and reveal the specifics of the movie. For those who don't know, it has been widely expected that Sunny Deol as Hanuman, Yash as Ravana, and Ranbir Kapoor and Sai Pallavi as Ram and Sita will play the key roles in the movie.
The announcement of the movie, which is based on the life and teachings of Lord Rama, suggests that the producers are eager to celebrate Ram Navami in style. According to reports, the film's director, Nitesh Tiwari, is expected to address the release date of the movie along with revealing a comprehensive list of data involving the cast and crew. As of right now, there is talk that the movie would come out around Diwali, which is also the day that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya following his victory over Ravana.
As per a quote in a media report, it said, “There is no better date than Ram Navami to make an official announcement on the cast, crew, and release plans for Ramayana. It’s the most ambitious film of Indian Cinema and the team is making all the efforts to bring it to the spectacle in the most authentic manner. The team has spent over 5 years in pre-production to get the script and visuals in place, and it’s now the time to execute all that was planned.”
For those who are unaware, Ramayana is slated to be a trilogy with new actors like Lara Dutta and Rakul Preet Singh, who are set to join the ensemble of stars and play the roles of Kaikeyi and Surpanaka, respectively. But all of the actors and staff have been quiet about the project, and it looks like they will reveal it on April 17th when the movie is revealed!


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