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Saira Banu remembers Dilip Kumar ahead of their 56th marriage anniversary! Fri October 08th, 2021
Saira Banu remembers Dilip Kumar ahead of their 56th marriage anniversary!
Well-known legendary star Dilip Kumar’s ill-fated demise in July this year was one of the most tear-jerking incidents in Bollywood. After all, it marked the end of an era. His wife Saira Banu has been heartbroken after this sad incident. While the veteran actress has been shattered after losing her main man, ahead of their 56th wedding anniversary, Saira recalled Dilip Kumar and recalled the ‘magical day’ of her life.
In a media chat, Saira revealed, “This October 11 is the 56th wedding anniversary of my Love and Kohinoor Dilip Sahib and I. I am writing this to especially express gratitude to the multitude of well-wishers, dearest friends and family who have so lovingly and thoughtfully sent us the remembrance of this magical day for both of us. Dilip Sahib and I, when time stood still and the sky was lit with a million happy sparkling stars... our wedding, the beginning of a sharing of a life of ecstatic togetherness... and now no matter what, we still walk together hand-in-hand, in our thoughts and being until the end of time. Dilip Sahib has been that iconic guiding light not only for me but for all those generations who've stepped forward in their lives exemplified by his gracious presence and personality. Dilip Sahib is forever... Aameen. May Allah always keep him in his love and blessings... Aameen”.
For the information, Dilip Kumar had breathed his last on July 7 this year due to age related issues. He was 98 and his last rites were performed in the presence of family and close friends.


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