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Shraddha Kapoor's witty reply when fans asked her to marry Varun Dhawan! Fri January 24th, 2020
Shraddha Kapoor's witty reply when fans asked her to marry Varun Dhawan!
Now, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Street Dancer 3D has hit the screens. Film Street Dancer is anticipated to fare well at the box office. Now, as reported that fans totally love Shraddha and Varun’s chemistry so much so that during a media chat, a fan asked Shraddha and Varun to marry each other in real life.
During a media chat, Shraddha was asked to reply to a YouTube comment on the trailer of Street Dancer 3D, which urged her to get married to Varun. On hearing this, Shraddha Kapoor started laughing as she told, “That’s a compliment. It’s so cute,” adding further, “We have been getting that a lot, that kind of love. So we want to say thank you to the fans for appreciating us.”
But when Varun Dhawan was asked to respond on the same, he had told that it is difficult to translate an off-screen romance into onscreen chemistry. “I don’t think that if people are actually very romantically inclined, they can behave like that. Maine kisi patni aur pati ko aise behave karte hue dekha nahi… Pata nahi (I have never seen a husband-wife behave like this… I don’t know),” he replied.
Afterward, Shraddha Kapoor disclosed that whenever she gets married, her husband must be someone that she can be “completely crack” with.


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