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Mumbai Ki Kiran Bedi - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Aashish Vidyarthi,Malashri

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Honest constable (played by Srinivasamurthy) names his daughter as Kiran Bedi and sacrifices extremely to bring her up as IPS officer. To the wish and need Kiran Bedi (Malashri) shows exemplary courage and intelligence and she is a nightmare for anti social elements like Bhoopathy, Mobile Nachappa, D'Souza, Naga, Vickey, Mun and others who are controlling the government. All the 224 MLA's of Karnataka and 29 MP's are under mey feat says Bhoopathy to Kiran Bedi who chalks out master plan to destabilize the gang. Kiran Bedi is given extraordinary powers yet the crooks are successful in moving her from Bangalore to Bellary when Bhoopathy enrage reaches peak for the death of his son Vickey that is master minded by Kiran Bedi. On the arrival of Kiran bedi to Bellary at the instance of attending the court case she receives array of villains pouncing on her. She wages a futile battle. The crooks kill Kiran Bedi and hand over the ash to her father a constable. All these developments take place in front of Kiran Bedi's father.



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