Race 3


The Race franchise is known for its hyper stylized characters and high octane action. These movies have luxurious cars and fancy set pieces, they have everything to please the average action movie buff and James Bond enthusiasts. 'Race 3' is also known for its high-octane action sequences but it has a weak plot.
As per story, Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) is an international arms dealer operating out of a desert island named Al-Shifa, where he stays with his twin kids Sanjana (Daisy Shah) and Suraj (Saqib Saleem) and step-son Sikandar (Salman Khan), who is Shamsher’s go-to guy for tricky operations, much to the chagrin of the twins, who can’t stand their step-brother.
When Sanjana and Suran decide to undermine Sikandar’s power by conspiring to create a rift between him and his disciple Yash (Bobby Deol) by using femme fatale Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez), it opens a Pandora’s Box of double-crosses and betrayals. Will Sikandar manage to conquer his foes and save the day?
The film has the larger-than-life action sequences. There are car crashes, explosions, combats, cat-fights and mind-blowing wingsuit diving stunts. There’s lot of high-octane actions but feeble in the story and the performances. The movie is mounted on an over-the-top canvas, and shot on some lovely locales, but none of that holds your attention for more than a few minutes. It’s an enjoyable treat to see a range of super cars in action, stylish girls throwing kicks and punches, and of course, fans will relish at the sight of Salman Khan and Bobby Deol ripping their shirts off to flaunt their well-greased and chiseled builds.
Superstar Salman Khan plays a key character with little depth, but he’s great with the action and the style. Anil Kapoor essays the father figure of the Singh family with effortlessness. Bobby Deol and Daisy Shah are stylish and impressive. Jacqueline Fernandez and Saqib Saleem look fantastic in their parts. 'Race 3' will work for Salman enthusiasts the most. Fans can enjoy his kicks and punches. His performance in the songs Heeriye and Allah duhai hai is worthy to watch and cheer.
Overall, film Race 3 is worthy to watch once for high-octane action sequences and a few good acts of star cast. This film is only for Salman Khan’s fans.


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