Dil Juunglee


Another romcom as Dil Juunglee has the kind of films that entertains you till the end. There is a storyline in which the film begins you are surely surprised.
As per story, Koroli aka Koro (Taapsee Pannu), a rich girl from London falls for an aspiring Bollywood actor from Delhi, Sumit (Saqib Saleem). The two are about to elope but fate has other plans. Koro, who harboured dreams of becoming a romantic novelist some day, reunites with Sumit seven years later in London. We soon discover that the girl has had a glam makeover and is now engaged to business tycoon Jai Singh Rathore. Sumit continues to be a struggling actor and roams around with a loud ‘Lajpat wali’ Ayesha, who claims to be his love interest. What transpires when Koro and Sumit’s paths collide, forms the story.
Debutant filmmaker Aleya Sen really does well because she packs in sufficient moments in the two hour tale to keep her viewers engaged. The second half of romcoms turn out to be heavy and dramatic with needed sad moments. Furthermore the acts are good too, whether it is Taapsee who comes up with a very balanced act or Saqib who fits into the part fairly well. Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem are fine actors and have the ability to keep you engaged. The supporting casts play their characters fine too.
Dil Junglee is an age-old tale. It is only Taapsee’s delightful presence and Saqib’s earthiness that keep us entertained. Taapsee looks authentic in both the avatars that she dons in the movie. Saqib, too, provides plentiful support with his convincing portrayal of a middle-class Delhi boy.
Overall, it is a good film with balanced acts of Taapsee and Saqib.


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