‘Chef’ is a nice-looking movie, with good-looking people. The elements have been carefully assembled. Hollywood star Jon Favreau had directed and starred in 2014’s film Chef, a movie about a professional chef, who starts a food truck after losing his job for being rude to a patron and three years later, Raja Krishna Menon teamed up with Saif Ali Khan to make the official remake of the movie.
Film Chef revolves around divorcee Roshan Kalra (Saif), who comes back to Kochi to spend some time with his son (Svar Kamble) after being fired from his job for punching a complaining patron.
Following the advice of his ex-wife Radha (Padmapriya) and her friend Biju (Milind Soman), Roshan takes an old bus and converts it into a food truck so as to rediscover his passion for cooking and to bond with his son. Soon, Roshan, his assistant (Chandan Roy Sanyal), the son and their driver Alex (Dinesh Nair) embark on a journey with the food truck, which is aimed at cementing the relationship between the father and the son.
Saif Ali Khan plays his character as a divorced, middle-aged man and a father to a young boy with an adorably wry sense of humour. Child artiste Svar Kamble is natural and the scenes between Roshan and his son are some of the touching sequences of the movie. Padampriya offers good support to the story while Chandan is pleasingly jovial. Dinesh Nair brings a special flavor to the story.
About the film, it cannot be denied that it has a few lovely moments but the fact that it has too many sub plots mixed in the tale, weakens the story. There is Roshan’s relationship with his son, Roshan’s relationship with his own father, his insecurity about his ex-wife’s intimacy to Biju and his own struggle between family and profession. We believe that had the director kept the movie focused, it would have had more scope to connect with the viewers.
What works for the movie is its light touch without any heavy melodrama and the cinematography. Priya Seth weaves magic with her camera and the sequences involving food are sure to make your mouth water while the way the scenic locales of various parts of India have been captured, will tempt you to pack your bags and leave for a holiday.
Overall, it is worthy to watch once for a sensitive story of father and son and a few beautiful locales. 


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