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Star Cast : Govinda,Raveena Tandon,Mahima Chaudhry

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Sher Singh a.k.a. Shekhar(Govinda), a struggling movie scriptwriter, is in love with a temperamental girl Nisha (Raveena Tandon). However, Nisha's wealthy father arranges her marriage to his friend's son Vicky (Rajendranath Zutshi). Sher Singh rushes home in response to a telegram to find that his marriage has been arranged with a local girl, Sweetie (Mahima Chaudhary), in return for his sister's marriage to Sweetie's brother. Since Sher's sister has a lame foot, this may be her only chance of finding a good husband. For his sister's sake, therefore, Sher gets married to Sweetie and returns to Mumbai.
Meanwhile, Nisha refuses to marry Vicky and is ready to kill herself. To pacify Nisha, her father forces Sher to get married to her. Sher doesn't get a chance to explain about his first marriage. However, after the wedding, he confesses to Nisha's father that he is already married. Nisha's father advises Sher not to tell her anything. Meanwhile, Vicky goes crazy and attempts to kidnap Nisha. In the ensuing struggle, Nisha's father is killed, and then Vicky seemingly dies in an accident; so, Nisha never gets to learn the truth about Sher's bigamy.
Sher Singh leads a double life and has one son with each wife. The two sons, Tuktuk and Tony, are exact lookalikes. As the boys get admitted to the same school, they, as well as their mothers, become friends. Since Sher Singh goes by the name of Shekhar while in Mumbai, he manages to convince his wives that there are two people—Sher Singh and Shekhar—bearing a remarkable resemblance. His sons, meanwhile, suspect that something is wrong because of their similarities and keep investigating. When it almost seems like the truth will be out, there is a surprise element in the entry of a second Shekhar with exactly the same face, who claims to be Nisha's husband.
Now, Sher Singh can neither confess to being a bigamist nor sit silently, as a stranger stays with his wife Nisha. Meanwhile, he is implicated in a murder as well. Finally, it turns out that Vicky is not actually dead, as presumed, and has undergone facial reconstruction to have the same face as Sher Singh. After a lot of slapstick, all ends well.



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