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Sai Teri Maya - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Nagma

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Sai Teri Maya is a devotional-powerful-miracle and an extra ordinary film with lot of computer-graphic scenes. The main centre point of the story is boy Suraj to whom an ugly old monk Kalicharan, a rough-tough Shaitan Diler Singh and a black magician lady Anita want to give sacrifice for their own evil aims. Lakshmi gets confused to find her husband Pratap's reverse attitutes. Statue-seller Gangadhar is always insulted on the foundations of his own doubts Once SHRIDI BABA was also tested.* Was Kalicharan able to give sacrifice of boy Suraj ?* What was the secret of Magician Anita ?* Why Dilersingh wanted to kill Suraj ?* How Suraj was protected ?* In which way SHIRDI BABA showed his power and miracles through Gangadhar ?To get all the answers see the presentation of Suraj Films, an unforgetable-devotional memorable film SAI TERI MAYA with your family and have glances of SAI BABA to get mercy. Also feel your life worthy with peace of mind.



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