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Sabse Bada Mawali - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Nagma,Nagarjuna Akkineni
Directed By : Fazil

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The palatial home of the former State Chief Minister is heavily guarded by armed men, and the three people living there have bodyguards who accompany them everywhere, even inside the house. One of the residents is Malvika, the wife of the former Chief Minister, who was assassinated; Sneha, her daughter, and Priya, her niece of marriageable age. Priya falls in love with a young man named Prem Kishen, whose parents live in Texas, US. She invites him to introduce him to her aunt, which he accepts. Malvika approves of Prem, much to the delight of Priya and Prem. What Malvika and Priya do not know that Prem is not who he claims to be, but is actually a assassin out to kill Sneha and Malvika, and is merely using Priya as a tool to get close to his targets.



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