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One 2 Ka 4 - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Juhi Chawla,Jackie Shroff,Shahrukh Khan

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The story is about two friends and cops, Javed (Jackie Shroff) and Arun (Shahrukh Khan), who are both Special Task Force officers and partners.
Javed is a widower who is bringing up his 4 children with a lot of love and effort while Arun is his carefree, hotheaded, trigger happy albeit well-meaning subordinate and brother-like friend.
In a routine raid and bust operation, Javed and Arun lay their hands on the notorious drug lord, KKV (Nirmal Pandey) with the help of Inspector Sawant (Raj Zutshi). Later in court, KKV walks away using his powerful connections.
While on a subsequent drug raid, Javed is shot down by an unknown assailant - shortly after revealed to possibly be a rogue officer within the Special Forces department. According to Javed's killer's hairstyle, it's obvious that his killer's actually Sawant. Arun's devastated and realizes that Javed left his four kids behind in his care in his will.
The kids, though, all dislike him. Arun then meets a housekeeper Geeta (Juhi Chawla) who develops a close relationship with the kids on account of also having had a close almost brother sister like personal rapport with Javed when he was alive.
Meanwhile, Arun continues the case to hunt down the killer who took his best friends life along with Sawant. Things take a dramatic turn when Arun sees a girl resembling Geeta dancing in a nightclub with the prime suspect in Javed's murder. At first unable to come to terms with what he has stumbled on.. He loses his temper at the children and creates a furore.
A few days later, it is revealed Geeta was an undercover agent for the secret police, who testifies against Arun in court and makes the judge believe he is a drug dealer. Geeta gets him suspended. With no hope left, Arun uses his own skills to find Javed's murderer. Arun realizes that JD's corrupted. When Arun goes to JD's residence, JD was already murdered. KKV, Chief, & JD are partners in crime. KKV kills the Chief. The police destroys KKV's henchmen. KKV's about to reveal that Javed's killer's name, but Sawant shoots KKV & Sawant lies to Arun that KKV killed Javed. Arun, Geeta, & Javed's kids mistakenly believe that KKV killed Javed. It's funny because KKV's still alive. KKV reveals that Sawant killed Javed. Sawant finally kills KKV. Sawant also killed JD. Sawant killed Javed, so he could take his post a Senior Task Force officer. Sawant shoots Arun, but Arun's still alive. Javed's children manages to pull a rope, so a hard object can fall onto Sawant's head & Arun manages to beat up Sawant in a funny way. Arun kills Sawant. The film ends with Arun and Geeta together looking after Javed's children.



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