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Main Tere Pyaar Mein Pagal - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Rambha,J. D. Chakravarthy,Brahmanandam

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Chetan is a photographer who lives with his friend, Pyarelal, in Versova, Bombay. While on an assignment, he photographs beautiful Sonali near the Bombay Airport. When they return home, they find a backpack in the back of their truck, and on opening it, find it belongs to Sonali. Chetan falls in love with Sonali and starts to woo her as Pyarelal. But his charade soon comes to an end when Sonali finds out that he has been lying to her. An incident involving her redeems him in her eyes and both fall in love with each other. Than Sonali's mom, Dhanlaxmi, returns from America with a man named P.K. Roy, his wife, and son, who she would like to get married to Sonali. Since Chetan is not wealthy, Dhanlaxmi rejects him, and forces her daughter to re-locate to their Jaipur house where she plans to go ahead with the marriage. The question remains what can poor Chetan do to himself a suitable candidate for Sonali, and how is he ever going to convince Dhanlaxmi to change her mind about him.



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