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Dadagiri Nahi Chalegi - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Aashish Vidyarthi,Sai Kumar

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The film is about the honest and tough cop Bharath (Saikumar) who grows up in a disciplined manner and hates the slightest violation of rules and honesty. In this process, Bharath arrests one of the followers of the Home Minister and despite several phone calls and pressure tactics, he lends a deaf ear to all and retains the henchman. The Home Minister gets Bharath transferred to a god forsaken place called Durgapur in the Bellary district in Karnataka. This place is ruled by the local don Simhadri (Ashish Vidyarthi) who does not stop at anything to prove his power and dominance. The entrance of Bharath starts causing trouble to Simhadri but in no time he uses his methods and starts humiliating the honest policeman in all ways possible. After having shown enough of patience, Bharath decides to fight back. Is he successful in his attempts is rest of the story.



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